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Welcome! I'm Sumbella. 

You've found my personal website, where I document and pool my creative and professional content, writing and research.


I take great pleasure in my work, the majority of which keeps me happily occupied with teacher training initiatives across the Middle East & North Africa. I'm known in this capacity as a Professional Learning & Development Specialist for Schools, and I am lucky to be working with Cambridge University Press & Assessment, based in Dubai. 

I am also known to my students as the teacher of Chinese who won't let them write in pinyin. In this role, I teach ab initio Mandarin Chinese to teens and adults on a private basis. I also provide training for global & non-native teachers of Mandarin Chinese. I have quite strong thoughts about learning Mandarin and have written lots about this on The 'Teaching Mandarin Made Easy-er' series, over on Substack

I'm an alum of the University of Oxford, SOAS, University of London & Beijing Normal University, where I did my degree in Comparative & International Education & Mandarin Chinese (Modern & Traditional) respectively.


I also spend a lot of time sharing content about teaching, facilitation and wellbeing over on LinkedIn. It's a hoot over there! And you're welcome to join in the fun:

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