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2021 Dedicated Teacher Awards Winner - Annamma Lucy

[#CambridgeAnnouncement...📣] Do you know what I loved most about Annamma Lucy’s response to winning the global #CambridgeDedicatedTeacherAwards in 2021? It was when she said:

💬 “(The award)...It’s not about me... but about ‘we’”. 💛

She said the award was for all 13,000 nominees, and every single one of her colleagues and teachers everywhere who work tirelessly to support learners every day. 🥺

Truth always resonates deeply. She is right: this initiative truly is for teachers everywhere. 💛

It really moved me, and as you can see, I didn’t forget her words.

I repeat them to you here, because my attention today is on a special announcement that reminded me of Annamma, and that is...

📣📣📣...Nominations for the Cambridge Global Dedicated Teacher Awards are now open!📣📣📣

Who will win the award this year?! Anything is possible!

I encourage you all to share this news and to nominate your most dedicated teachers - and here are 3 reasons why:

1️⃣🙏🏼#Appreciation: all teachers receive an email to let them know someone (it's kept anonymous) nominated them. Even if they don’t win, I know that this alone was an uplifting moment for many teachers. Some of them shared their nomination email on their social media pages and with their colleagues. Teachers know well the value of small kindnesses & acknowledgements. They will feel appreciated. 💛

2️⃣👀#Visibility: One of the great things about these awards is the spotlight teachers receive. Annamma does lots of volunteering work - if you head to her LinkedIn profile, you will see her most recent endeavours volunteering in Tanzania throughout the last summer! The award continues to bring opportunities to spotlight & support these quiet, sincere contributions that benefit society around the world.🕊

3️⃣🌱#Growth: being shortlisted gives the nominated teachers and the winner a chance to feel bolstered with support and awareness that helps expand their good work and contributions. I have seen this happen with the winners and the nominees who I have had a chance to meet.

Reading this, is there a #dedicatedteacher who comes to mind?

If so, let’s get them nominated! Some ways you can join in...

✨*Tagging* anyone you think may benefit from hearing this news

✨*Circulating this announcement* among your communities for visibility

✨*Clicking 'support* of this post to raise its visibility for teachers

✨*Submitting a nomination* yourself - even teachers and adults can nominate other teachers

Let’s show our teachers some love!💛💪🏾

🔗 Submit a nomination:

P.S. Some common questions:

✅Can I nominate any teacher? Yes!

✅From anywhere? Yes!

✅Teaching anything? Yes!

Pop any other questions in the comments and I will get back to you.

We have an opportunity here to show appreciation and uplift our teachers.

You, me, *we*! We can do this! 💛

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