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3 more ways to improve your sleep, even if you're only getting a little of it

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

One of my teachers, who I am blessed to call a friend and can discuss natural health hacks with, once told me:

Good sleep is ~70% of good health.

Considering we sleep more than a third of our day, it makes sense that it's not something we can overlook.

I know from personal experience that lack of sleep hurts recovery, from any kind of injury.

Emotional or physical.

Part 1 of this article dealt with three ways to improve sleep quality, mostly centred around temperature and materials.

Here are three more ways to ensure you sleep well, even if you don't have that much time to.

1 - Tie yourself down.

Not literally, of course.

But if you are a light sleeper, this tip is particularly relevant. A weighted or heavier blanket can make all the difference when it comes to improving your sleep quality.

I used to be worried that it would get too hot under such a heavy blanket but it's not the case, especially if you've lowered the room temperature sufficiently.

This might not be for you if you do get too hot and like to be able to move while you sleep. But if you're restless, you might try a heavier quilt to see if helps you fall asleep more quickly.

2. Keep your air clean.

There are certain plants that are cleansing for the air, especially in rooms where you sleep.

The 'dragon tree', also known as a dracaena marginata, is my favourite of them all.

It's a resilient and easy to maintain plant, that helps clear the air in your room, especially helpful while you are asleep.

3. Ask yourself: am I truly comfortable?

Going to sleep and laying down to rest your body and mind should be the cosiest, most comfy moment of your entire day. Is that so for you? Or not?

It took a long time before I accepted that my mattress, my quilts, even my covers weren't the comfiest in the world and took steps to change them.

If you feel well rested, you're half way there.

Poor sleep affects your entire being, your decision making, and your energy exchange with others through the day.

Taking steps to sleep well is like taking steps to take care of your life in general.

So... sleep well :)

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