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3 Reflections I Learned from the Legendary Lady

[#learning] Do you know I live very close to a treasure chest full of all things kind, loving, wise and magical? It’s true! And said treasure chest is a #legendarylady. (Some of you may know her too.) Here are 3 #reflections on some things I’ve #learned from her:

1️⃣✨ Don’t rush - there isn’t really a deadline.

By demonstration, she has shown me it is ok to wait until you’re good and ready to do something.

For example, like having children. She has never expressed any fear or alarm about age or “biological clocks”. She herself had all her #children well into her 40s.

And when I reflect on how she is with children in general, she was always a deeply stable, supportive and emotionally regulated parent.

She was clear about her #career, her contribution and her abilities.

I think any adult who knows how to be emotionally stable, patient, #present and can give people around them peace of mind is a blessing to everyone.

So, she has shown me that there are no rules to this.

Society sells a story that makes it seems like there are #deadlines.

There actually aren’t many.

So I am grateful she lets the people around her unfold and grow at their own pace, never pushing, never tugging, just #supporting.

2️⃣✨#Kindness is strength.

Again, by demonstration, she keeps teaching me that while it may seem like it makes you very weak to continue to speak well - or at least neutrally - of people who may be sticking knives in your back, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

To do so is the epitome of strength.

I have seen her do this over and over in many different ways, to people who have been terribly rude and unkind to her.

She is remarkable at being gracious with everyone, no matter what they do, even if it’s a deeply personal attack.

She shows me over and over that to be kind is to be really brave and strong, and that it is the secret sauce of the real winners.

3️⃣✨Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Finally, she’s shown me that you may live many lives in this lifetime, as long as you’re open to the adventure… So you’d better buckle up and be ready!

Her life has been full of ebbs and flows.

And she always seems to be prepared to face anything gracefully.

Even when there is grief.

Especially when there is joy.

And even when there are years that feel like decades and decades that feel like years.

She’s at ease with all of these “vicissitudes”.

From her, I’ve learned to make sure I’m buckled in - inside and out - and prepared for the long haul.


So there you have it. Another set of 3, in a nutshell:




P.S. I didn’t time this post to coincide with #IWD. It was written a while ago. It is serendipitous that it came to be published today. In light of this, I will end with one of my favourite quotes, one that usually does the rounds this time of year:

Here’s to strong women (AKA #legendaryladies):

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.


📸 From 1995, running free.

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