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A Grateful Thank You from Cambridge MENA

[#CambridgeMENA + #Celebration] This is a thank you post!

A huge thanks to those who joined our Cambridge MENA Dedicated Teacher Awards virtual celebration in honour of the teachers from the #MENA region who were shortlisted:

Thank you for coming along to cheer your fellow teachers on - we had colleagues, friends, students, family, education professionals and a certain supportive husband join!

And a huge thank you to Ahmed Shalabi Abdelghaffar for the stellar panel hosting and Mira Hamati for the effort to help get this organised.

One more cheer for the #CambridgeMENA shortlisted teachers for the #DedicatedTeacherAwards:

🌟🇪🇬Eman Abdullah M. Abdelhameed, from Al Manar Language School in Egypt

🌟🇮🇶Heshw Faris, from the US Girls' Secondary School, a part of Stirling Schools in Iraq! We were glad to be joined by many members of Stirling Schools on the session too: congrats to Mohammed Salm Karim on winning one of the raffle prizes! 🙏🏼

Looking forward to being in touch and a part of your journey from here on in - thank you for joining in and sharing your stories with us. 💛

📸Photo: why are we holding two hands up? It’s sign language for a round of applause! Learned this during the pandemic from Leanne Hughes and used it ever since - works a treat on virtual sessions. Why are my hands not waving?! Well because I was trying (and failing!) to take the photo and simultaneously join in. 🤣

P.S. Voting closes tonight for the rest of the teachers who have gone on to be shortlisted for the final rounds! Good luck to one and all - you can place your vote here:

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