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A Journey of Learning and Discovery in Peshawar

[#learning + kebabs in Peshawar] The first photo here shows a chapli kebab. It is a very famous food special to Peshawar. And it is very delicious. (And that is really saying something, for a not-very-meaty-eater like me).

Even though I live in Dubai and can get a version of this there, it’s just not the same as eating this actually in Peshawar, like I did today.

It got me thinking about how teaching and learning can be like this too: nothing beats the real deal of first hand experience of something.

There are only so many photos and videos of mountains, nature or whatever you’re trying to teach from the “outside world” that you can show.

Even if you strap an AI headset on…

It still can’t quite give you the smells, the textures, the tastes of a land and the food and people local to it.

At some point, you have to get your students out and let them breathe the world in.

Wherever you are this summer, I hope both you and your students are able to do that in these special weeks of downtime. They sometimes offer more opportunities for learning than we can ever imagine from our homes or a classroom.

💭💬What kind of learning can you glean from where you are recently, or over the summer?

P.S. After the first photo of the chapli kebab are some other glimpses of Peshawar. Wearing a partook/shalwar kameez my grandma had made for me before I arrived. 🥲💛

I’m taking some time off here, and then I am headed to Chitral next. I am so excited to be going to the mountains, folks. 🥹

If you’re travelling over the summer, where have you landed? ✨

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