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A Journey to Self-Acceptance

[#teaching + #facilitation 👩🏻‍🏫] The #performance aspect of teaching and facilitating took a really long time for me to get to grips with. As someone who is somewhat introverted and who used to shy away from #Drama lessons at school, it was a hurdle I kept tripping over.

And teaching is a performance - of sorts.

So is facilitation.

And so is #publicspeaking.

Some people take to it like a duck to water and don’t think of this aspect as being difficult.

It took me years to get used to it, though.

The hurdle reappears, often.


🌱 When I accepted that I was probably going to look foolish and silly from time to time, I relaxed...

🌱 And when I relaxed, I loosened up to #laugh at myself...

...To accept myself with strange facial expressions and funky movements while teaching…

...and that I may even be photographed or filmed while doing so...🙈

🌱 Then I began to accept the way my clothes, physical shape, and face may appear a little wild to an audience of learners or delegates in front of me…

And to tell myself, that was ok...

🌱Which helped me stop overthinking it… (But also not 'under' think it either… - one must maintain a sense of decorum, especially when serious matters need attention, like classroom management and discipline!)

🌱When I accepted I was going to be judged by those observing no matter what - my #learners and other #colleagues - I realised, it was important that I showed up with my whole heart and whole self, warts and all, and that inhibitions would only hold everybody back, including myself.

✅ When I accepted and embraced all of this, it was one of the biggest hurdles I jumped over in terms of improving my teaching, presentation and facilitation skills.

There were, surely, lots of teacher training, mentors and role plays (which I still inwardly run away from), that also helped me get over this.

But beyond that, it was a quiet inner acceptance of myself and feeling centred in my identity that probably most helped me jump this hurdle.

💬 Do you have an ‘area’ of teaching or presenting you feel anxious about, even if you’re a seasoned teacher or facilitator? Or, maybe you’re also an introverted teacher or facilitator too, who still feels anxious about 'being seen' from time to time?

If you ever feel such insecurities hold you back from leading a class or session - I’m curious to know, and to understand how you overcome it.

📸: Photos - you must swipe to the last one for a chuckle. Unfortunately I don’t know who to credit for it - please let me know if you do.

P.S. All the best to those starting back at school for a new term this week. I hope you had a restful Spring Break. 🏫✨🌿 

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