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A Poll about Parents in International Education

[#internationaleducation + #business] There's something I've formed a strong opinion about, coming out of a fantastic conference I attended yesterday (details to follow). It's about the answer to the question posed in this poll:

💡Are parents customers, parents, or both? (Context: in international/private schools with school fees)💡

The discussion that follows is usually centred around why/why not', and also 'when/when not'.

I'll share my thoughts on this question shortly. For now, would love to hear your views or reasons:

What do you say? Is it clear cut, or not so much?

P.S. I invite you to engage even if you're not a #teacher or in international education, because in my view, the answer to this is more rooted in #business philosophy than it first appears. If you care to share, I'd love to hear your views. I know some don't like polls, so feel free to share with me in the way you'd prefer - messages, comments etc.

Let's dig into it!

Are parents customers, parents, or both? Why/why not? When/when not?

Parents 4%

Customers 13%

Both 83%

Other 0%

23 votes

Poll closed

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