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A Poll about Technology

[#productivity] This post is about my problem with #phones and #storage. I am at a loss with the never-ending "upgrade iCloud, upgrade Google One, phone at full capacity, can’t open WhatsApp - delete some files” messages I get pinged with on my phone so often❗️

Anyone else in this boat with me?!

Is there a solution for this? One that doesn’t involve being tied up to paying Google or Apple for ‘storage space’ like a perpetual IV drip for the rest of my life as long as I take photos/videos?

Does anyone have an idea? I am on iOS on all devices. Open to changing or trying anything.

Things I have done:

🐞␥ Deleted unneeded apps 

🐞␥ Deleted unneeded WhatsApp forwards

🐞␥ Turned off automatic save to phone in WhatsApp etc. 

🐞␥ Have a storage drive, it’s almost full and if something happens to it.. my photos are gone

🐞␥ Restarted my phone a lot

🐞␥ Take far less photos now 

🐞␥ Avoid taking videos if I can help it

🐞␥ Have a constant mirror backup of my computer

🐞␥ Attempted to reduce system files (no idea what these are and I was unsuccessful anyway)

🐞␥ Tried Dropbox (the interface is hard to use)

Finally, I am irked by privacy concerns about Google and the fact that all my photos are being scanned constantly to 'improve AI’ etc.

I know - Google makes it a dream for searching and the interface, but it’s… kind of scary. Is it really the only best place to store my photos? Does anyone else have an alternative solution?

When I figure out a more efficient system I will write something about it. I have had this problem for months. If you've solved it for yourself, I'd welcome hearing your method(s) or ideas.

I am also curious to know if this is just a 'me' problem or a 'we' problem.

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