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A Quote about The Balancing Act of Life

[#quoteoftheday] "One of the great balancing acts in life is to be cautious and daring at the same time. Cautious enough to avoid stupid mistakes, prevent burnout, and maintain a margin of safety. Daring enough to bet on yourself, to do the things you would regret leaving undone, and to be willing to be uncomfortable in the short term so you can learn and grow in the long term.” - James Clear

By request, our #quoteofthedays are back. :)

#thinkwithme: I liked the concept in this quote as the first one to reboot this series at the start of this new week and on the precipice of a new Academic Year.

What good things may happen if we can manage to find this sweet spot of balance?

Who knows what positive plot twists might appear?

May this new week, your new Academic Year, and this last quarter of 2023 bring the most unexpected, magically positive plot twists ahead. The ones you’ve been waiting for.

(And may we all allow enough wiggle room for said plot twists to happen. For us and for our students.). 🌱

P.S. Soundtrack for today: 'Send me on my way' by Rusted Root. From the movie Brother Bear. It's the "Bobbidesay-bobbidayaaa" - just the kind of vibe I need today:

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