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A Ray of Light in Darkness: The Power of Unity and Aid

[#positivity☀️] I look at a small photo of my friend’s hands with nails all broken from the packing and preparing of boxes of aid for those affected by the earthquake. She is doing her bit to help.

I have been alarmed at the devastating aftermath of the disasters in Syria, Turkey and surrounding areas.

It is easy to spiral negatively when I see devastation.

But my friend’s small photo of her hands reminded me of what to focus on: the helpers. It’s an idea from a quote that goes like this:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

The devastation is real - but so are the helpers. I think if we can’t be a helper ourselves, we can look for them and spotlight them.

So here are just some I’ve seen:

✨The “White Helmets”, doing their incredible rescue work, tirelessly 🤍

✨The whole family I heard about who survived and were pulled out from the rubble one by one.

✨The newborn baby who was rescued right after birth

✨The little girl who was pulled out from the rubble by the White Helmets and met with crowds cheering elatedly for her life.

✨The small dog, pulled from the rubble after 61 hours - alive!

✨The incredible amount raised in aid by Bosnia (this is a small but mighty country that faces its own economic challenges, making their offer of help even more moving)

✨And yes, the small photo of my friend’s hands and broken nails, from endlessly packing aid boxes.

There are more, but I hope just reading that was restorative. If you have positive stories to share of helpers, I welcome you to share.☀️

Wishing + praying for ease and relief for all affected.

And for all of the helpers - especially the one with the kind hands who shared this Rumi quote with me. 🙏🏼💛

“There is hope after despair, and many suns after darkness.”


P.S. I have been unsure about where or how to help or give from abroad. I learned that AHBAP is a reliable charitable service in Turkey. Even small amounts sent from abroad help because the Turkish currency is low at the moment. I found this information about donating from abroad helpful:

If you have a reliable one for Syria, or otherwise, please let me know.

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