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Adaptation of a Hadith

[#quoteoftheday💬] "If you cannot stop something bad from happening by your actions, then stop it by your words. If you cannot stop it by your words, then forbid it with your heart.” - Adaptation of a hadith.

💭#thinkwithme: One if the bravest things you can do if you see something bad happen, is to stand up and do something about it. But that's not always possible. I know that. You know that.

So I share these words with you, and I hope you are comforted:

🥀Even in your heart, if you know a thing is wrong and you feel bad that it’s happening, it counts.

🥀Even if you are quiet but have an intention to stop something.

🥀Even if you feel unable to do anything about it. That feeling of dis-ease, it's your moral compass working.

It’s a good sign. It's energy for the good.

And I believe energy counts.✨

As teachers, you often see the brunt of the damage many children go through along their journey of life, during a most vulnerable time. And you’re not always able to stop or prevent it from happening.

So I hope you read this again and remember: the "doing something" is brave, and needed, yes, but your words, your efforts and even your intentions to hold the line, even if it’s just in your heart: all of it counts.

Onwards. ☀️✨

Wishing you a great week ahead - may you be unstoppable 💪🏾☀️

P.S. Want to see the power of collective positive energy in action? Look how these children shift their classmate's ability to overcome a hurdle:


🎶🔗#Soundtrack: One of my all time favourites, The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams

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