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#Adventures - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Updated: May 3, 2023

If you happened to check the UK Government website for advice on traveling to the #KhyberPakhtunkhwa province in #Pakistan, you will find it advises against travel to several places there.

Being a British citizen, you may be surprised that it is where I write this post to you from. 🙋🏻‍♀️

As I clutch my half gallon bottle of water, sitting in a taxi with my aunt, trying to not focus on the perilous roads, listening to the sounds of a bustling Peshawar, my mouth feels parched. This prompts me to reflect on some things I have learned in this past month since reintegrating myself with the Pashtun side of my family:

💡It is possible to heal deep-set emotional pain. But it’s necessary to clear out any toxic water sources and stop drinking from them.

💡 It takes time before the benefits of consistently drinking clean water will take their true healing, but the first sip of it will taste magical - so good that you’ll wonder how you lived without access to it before.

💡To sustain and maintain it, you may need to carry a weight or extra responsibilities. You may need to invest in a water filter of your own and have it with you always. It is worth it.

For this trip, I bought a Berkey water filter to help with having a source of clean water here so that I wouldn’t need to rely on anyone to buy us water. At the last minute, I chose not to bring it. Mistake! It’s why I put point 3 above - always sort your own source of clean water out. If you don’t, it’ll lead to all sorts of trouble.

Several years ago, I experienced painful corruption by those closest to me. Subsequently, I had to remove myself from the source of water. Healing comes through detoxifying the root source of the issue.

Three things I learned from taking the actions I did:

1️⃣: Taking a break is a needed measure. It provides respite and time to investigate, reflect and process what has happened.

2️⃣: Just like in gardening, sometimes a complete cut is required. Sometimes it’s just a prune. Sometimes, the entire roots need stripping. If the first step is done well, the second step becomes obvious. This part is certainly the messy middle. It may take time - it may be hard.

3️⃣: Once detoxed and the root of the issue is resolved, it is possible for great growth to take place. You’ll know when you’ve fixed it when you feel like sunshine - unafraid to be yourself.

It has taken me years of coaching, therapy, and sincere friendships to be even able to type out what you are reading now. It feels wonderful to be free from fear.

I’m #grateful to be here and learning a lot. I’m grateful that the Pashto I learned as a child has somehow woken up despite years of dormancy. Join me on this learning & healing journey. I’m in it for the long haul. ✊

✨P.S. Bonus reflection: #Uyghurs #Bedouins & #Pashtuns have a lot in common. To be discussed…🤓💛

P.P.S. See you tomorrow, Dubai 🇦🇪✨😉

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