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An Inspiring Mathematician Who Makes Jewellery!

[#CambridgeMENA + #learning] Just the week before, we were #lucky enough to welcome Assessment Manager for Mathematics, Sarah Gott, and author of IGCSE Mathematics resources, Karen Morrison to #Dubai! They delivered a session on #CambridgeIGCSEMaths for teachers who joined us from around the #UAE, #Jordan and #Egypt.

One of the things I appreciate most about my work and events like these is meeting inspiring #trainers & #facilitators. While not related to IGCSE Maths, I did learn a couple of other things from them that day:

Firstly, it was surprising to me to learn that Karen disliked Maths to start with…!

And yet… here she is:

A published author of a Maths course book!

On a tangent, I also noticed her jewellery, and upon asking about them I was surprised when she said:

“I made them!”


A mathematician who makes jewellery!

Meeting Karen was a great reminder that we don’t have to fit a career into one box. And not everything we enjoy doing has to become a career. We can do things just for joy, like Karen does.

In sum, that day, while IGCSE Maths teachers had a great subject specific training, alongside them, I learned:

1️⃣ A hobby doesn't have to be - indeed, maybe shouldn't be - related to anything else you do for work or otherwise: but having a hobby you’ll find cross over skills for sure (see Karen’s comment below!).

2️⃣ It’s always possible to become excellent at things you were once rubbish at.

3️⃣ One of our #IGCSE Authors makes beautiful jewellery. And you can check it out here:


P.S. A bonus: Sarah is based in the North of England, and she shared a secret with me… there is a 'hidden' Cambridge office in Gateshead… shhh... apparently it has beautiful views and a great working space. For any fellow #Colleagues or #Teachers who work closer to the North of England, perhaps it’s news to you too? For me, I’ll for sure be trying to pop in when I next visit my family in #Newcastle!

📸 Photos: some joyful connections with the teachers from Brilliant International School, Sharjah - it was great to see your team join, Asifa Sultana! #Thanks to every #teacher who managed to carve out and dedicate their time to join these sessions. #grateful!

🙏🏼 Thanks to Razeem Habeeb Mohamed & Mira Hamati for the support and help with putting these events together around #MENA.

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