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“Attention is a form of prayer.”

[#quoteoftheday] “Attention is a form of prayer.” - Simone Weil

There are many ways to interpret these words. Somebody even once told me: attention is the new gold - there’s a rush for it.

But I heard these words in the current context of what has been happening in Gaza these days. It feels like I can’t do much. Protests are taking place in London and around the world. But protesting is banned in the UAE.

Yet what I can give is attention. I grasp onto this as one way of showing solidarity with the innocent people being affected. Especially those locked down in a 25 mile strip of land that is Gaza. And especially the children.

I used to ask as a young girl: how on earth did they get away with the holocaust? How did this happen? And now, I feel we are witnessing a genocide take place in front of our eyes. Now I understand better, and Mark Twain’s words come to mind:

‘History doesn’t repeat itself. But it does rhyme.’

It is really difficult to look at things that horrify and upset you. But I’m taking a firm stand now, doing 3 things:

Learning about the history behind why this has happened.

Trying not to look away.

And keeping these words in mind:

Attention is a form of prayer.

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