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Back from the Mountains: Diving into MENA Orientation Training

[#yoohoo!] I’m back! And that’s a wrap for the first orientation training of this new academic year for MENA done! ✅ Woohoo! Before I ease back into LinkedIn, I am both touched and slightly alarmed to find that even though I successfully handled 5.34shmillion emails on my first day back yesterday, there are a whole lot more in my LinkedIn inbox to get hto as well.

So if you sent me a message or coment, I’m on it, and thanks for your patience while I trotted around on the mountains of #Chitral last week.

Meanwhile, if you’re a teacher new to using your Cambridge University Press Education #resources, and you’re based in the #MENA region, have you signed up for our orientation training webinars taking place this week?!


I’ve just delivered the first one and it was a whole fresh back to school kind of vibe!

Hope to see you at some of them.

Let’s do this 🙌🫡

Photo: first cuppa after the first training of the new Academic Year. It was a sweet one. Thanks to all the teachers who joined!

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