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Blissful Tales: Ms. Sue & Ms. Margi's Educational Adventure

[#positivity] Do you know #UncleLen, AKA Grandad’s daughter, Ms Sue? She is Ms Margi's great friend. I shall have to introduce you to her properly one day, because she is #incredible. For now, just know:

Here we have two great friends.

Two great colleagues:

Ms Sue & Ms Margi.

They both work at the same school.

They've been in the UAE for a combined 50+ years.

You will always find them in school. Tirelessly. Lovingly.

They both love children!!!

And children love them.

There are cuddles galore wherever they go in the school.

And not just with the children!

But the thing that always makes us all laugh...

Is this:

We are never quite sure if it is because...

They are both the same height?

They are both English?

They both have a somewhat similar sounding voice?

They both wear a similar head covering?

They both often wear the same colours?

But whatever the reasons...

It tends to cause something funny to happen at school:

On more than one occasion,

Many children and parents at the school,

Mistakenly take Ms Sue for Ms Margi

Or Ms Margi for Ms Sue!

And this matter of the dopplegangers...

Became so frequent,

And quite dangerous (you might tell one something that you meant to tell the other!) 🤭

That now Ms Margi, whenever she goes to school,

She wears a badge, with a lanyard long enough,

For little hands to reach.

And it says, with a smile:

“I am not Mrs Sue!”

It’s true!

P.S. You may not know, but the other serendipitous thing that is so similar about them, is that they share birthdays in the same week, which has just passed.

So, join me in celebrating these two educational powerhouses, and all the goodness they bring to those around them, especially children. They show up to make a difference in #students' lives every. single. day. These are true change makers of our societies!

📸 At the Dubai Garden Centre, in celebration of their lives and all the new adventures to come. On the right is #UncleLen's other special daughter - another educator powerhouse you have yet to meet - Linda.🙋🏻‍♀️ We had coffees in a cafe, nestled inside a conservatory. Among plants - yet another of their shared favourite things.

A beautiful spot. Bliss. 🌱 ☕️

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