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Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards, 2021

[#Cambridge #DedicatedTeacherAwards] Want to know some #behindthescenes about this award? Today’s the day - in this post I’ll share some things about what happens when a #teacher actually #wins this award… but from #behindthescenes 👀🙌🏼😎

In 2021, Annamma Lucy from one of the GEMS Education Our Own School branches in the UAE won the award. It was such an eye-opening experience for me.

Here are some of the events that followed the announcement - I thought it would be fun to share the BTS from the perspective of the supporting team if a teacher in your country wins!

1️⃣ If a teacher is nominated as a regional winner, they have their photo and bio printed in one of the Cambridge resources! The regional teams are on call to help coordinate this.

2️⃣ There will be a ceremony.. and a video / interview with the winner, which regional teams help coordinate too 🏆 📸🏆. Annamma’s award ceremony was attended by senior members of Sharjah’s Ministry of Education (Sharjah Private Education Authority), Cambridge University Press Education MENA, supported by amazing colleagues based in the UK like Adam Steele, and key members of GEMS Education! 🤝🤩

3️⃣ Media will be involved! You’ll learn what a press release means, and if your teacher is at a big school chain, it’s likely that they too have their own press release protocols. It is a great learning curve into the world of PR.

4️⃣ Making friends with colleagues in the central marketing team! To help coordinate all of the above, the regional teams and those working centrally/globally link up to coordinate events for the winner. It’s really expansive and eye opening, to learn all the details that go into running this kind of award from the central team.

In sum, quite a lot happens if a teacher wins! So firstly… be prepared for handling the success when it comes. ☺️

Further, you’ll always be in touch with and remember the winning teacher from your region - there’s a Cambridge connection both ways joining you up. For me, it is so lovely to see Annamma Lucy from time to time and feel connected with her growth and her story.

💬Have you ever won an award or helped coordinate an award or competition before? What did your experience look like? I’d love to know.

Updating for a special shout-out to include Abigail Smith who was a joy to get to know when we had Annamma win the award from the MENA region. 🙌🏼 🙏🏼✨

P.S. Don’t forget - it’s still possible to nominate a teacher, this is the last week - just 3 days left! Go go go! Submissions close on the 16th March.

✅Any teacher of any subject or curriculum who is currently teaching can be nominated.

✅ Learners can nominate a teacher, but so can colleagues and parents (though you can’t nominate yourself.)

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