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"Cherry bakewell time": why you need it to find your glow

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

With the arrival of the new retreat members on Round 3 of the Planning Retreat, today I pondered on the idea of rest.

There are different activities on the retreat that help us identify what we need to do to rest.

In the first retreat, we coined the phrase: find your cherry bakewell!

It basically means something you personally love to do, that nourishes you. It makes you thrive. You feel totally recharged afterwards.

For me, just having a Kipling cherry bakewell, with a cup of tea on the porch makes me feel super relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle anything that comes at me next.

Women need many different types of cherry bakewells, big ones, small ones, but all sorts. The cherry bakewell became a metaphor for us, to each identify and find the things we uniquely need to do or give ourselves to thrive and feel rested.

Cherry bakewell time is a good metaphor for 'resting and recharging', not just the precise things that relax and help you recharge or feel better.

It's cherry bakewell time - a metaphor for the time we all need to rest and recharge in precisely the way we need to, in our own unique way.

It's become a huge topic for me over the past few weeks, discussing the idea of 'cherry bakewells' with ladies who joined my planning retreat.

I wondered how I would convey to new members on the retreat the point about needing to schedule time for rest, or 'nothing' in your week. A full day if they can. I think I might let them know it can simply be affectionately known as a cherry bakewell day. A day just to recharge, in your own unique way.

It sounds so simple: take a rest and spend some time doing hobbies or anything at all that you enjoy, and that energises you.

But this can be so hard to do, let alone do well. We always talk about not having enough time to do such things. No time to do those very things that make us glow.

There are different ways people describe needing to schedule time for 'rest'.

Some call it scheduling chaos time, others margin, some still (me included), call it time for ‘nothing’. The only problem is, it isn't nothing. It isn't chaos. It isn't even margin. It's extremely valuable time - cherry bakewell time is precious and it contributes largely to your ability to glow and feel warm in your heart.

So those days when you need time to do 'nothing' - could we also call them cherry bakewell days?

I think we can.

Besides, it sounds much more fun to say you're scheduling in your 'cherry bakewell' time. Even if that does involve doing precisely nothing. :)

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