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Considerate Teaching: Reflections on Differentiation for Educators

Updated: May 3, 2023

Reflecting on last term, the topic of #differentiation came up over and over again for #teachers I met using Cambridge University Press Education resources.

To me, differentiation is about being considerate.

Just like this quote captures, I think it’s about putting ourselves in our #learners’ shoes, and adapting our teaching methods or #facilitation style for what we sense would work well for them.

It is about considering all the tiny (and huge!), visible and invisible details relating to them.

It is about understanding their unique needs.

It is about consideration. 🌱

💡❓What does differentiation mean to you?

P.S. Feel free to take and share this quote. I did check, but if you know whether the words are attributable to someone, please let me know. 💭🖊️

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