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Creative Room Arrangements for Facilitation

[#facilitation: rethink the room] When I enter a classroom or new workshop room, one of the first things I do is to scope them out. Curiously.

You know, like giving bits of furniture a wiggle to see if they move.

Or having a poke of the walls and a knock on the tables and chairs.

(I may or may not look a bit odd/suspicious when I do this.)

I found myself doing the same thing this week, when I reached my hotel in the centre of Cambridge.

My big earrings really needed a place to “hang out”.

And after a little scoping… I found that a glass was just the trick. Perfect for accommodating said big earring penchant.

Who knew? A glass could now be an earring holder.

And how many times do we do this? Overlook someone, something, maybe even a student because they don’t “look” the way they “should” for a task, or they don’t have the right label on them, or the right job title?

So… all this to say: rethinking and repurposing objects in the room is handy. It’s a simple way to improve facilitation and learning experience for both trainers and participants. Even the tiniest change in use of an object can make a huge difference during the session.

It all reminds me of that quote, capturing what I think is a beautiful, proactive, positive attitude to go about things: “do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.

💬💭#overtoyou: Do you ever find yourself moving the objects in your room around to suit your needs in a lesson or meeting better, or do you generally leave it as is?

P.S. there are lots of questions about where I am and what I’m doing - I left Pakistan last week - and I’m in the UK now for work at a conference at Cambridge University Press & Assessment to plan and prepare with colleagues for lots of PD goodness in the upcoming year. 🙌🙋🏻‍♀️

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