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Day 2 of Network & Learn Events in Riyadh

[#CambridgeMENA + #Riyadh + #Learning 🇸🇦✨] We wrapped up Day 2 of our Network & Learn events in Riyadh yesterday! Shout out to my colleague Ahmed Shalabi + the incredible team at Dome International School, who hosted us so graciously 🙏🏼💛. It was great to welcome so many teachers who have been using Cambridge University Press Education’s newest resources so successfully. 🙌🏼👏🏼

Here are 3 reflections after the event:

1️⃣ [#facilitation] Yesterday I shared about how I printed the wrong worksheets (which had all the answers on them)… Today I decided, hey, that was actually a pretty good way to do the activity. So I did it again. But instead of just asking participants to check the answers, I informed them they were now ‘Markers’ for that activity, and their duty was to assess the sentences. Giving them a role gave the activity more purpose.

2️⃣ [#identity + #purpose] I was reminded of how huge the difference is in engagement and comprehension between instructions like this:

"Read the paragraph".


"You’re a Marker, and your role is to assess this paragraph to ensure it is correct."

When you read or approach content with a purpose, and even more so when you have an identity/role, I think it can help create a deeper learning experience.

3️⃣ [#culture] Finally, being here reminds me of a film I love. So continuing on in the #SaudiArabia theme for this week (for those joining me on the journey), you’ll know I have shared a post about #clothing, a post about #music. Makes sense we should share a film relating to the country too. The title is:

🎬'Born a King.'

It is set in 1919, and is based on the real story of King Faisal. (If you watch it, look out for my favourite character, Philby. In particular: the moment where he emerges out of the desert, unrecognisably ‘desertified’). 🤣 I watched it twice in the cinemas in Dubai when it was released. I guess this film has greater significance to me too, as one of those times was with #UncleLen. He was born in 1922, so the visuals of England in that era resonated so much, and he loved seeing #WinstonChurchill appear in it too.

This is the trailer, but note that I still really don’t know how to get this film or even better, the soundtrack (I have searched for the OST with no joy). If anyone knows how to find a place to watch it, I would be so grateful:

💬 How about you - have you watched this film? Plan to watch it now? I’d love to know.

Onward… We continue the adventure - the photos and event is from Riyadh yesterday, but I write this to you from #Dammam. ✨🙋🏻‍♀️🇸🇦

P.S. 📸 Final photo: preparing for a collective supercharged "air high five” 😎🤣🖐🏽

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