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Debates with Uncle Len about the World’s Topics

[#positivity + #friendswhochallengeyou] “Pick a subject, Sunny Jim, and let’s argue about it.“ This is what #UncleLen AKA #Grandad would say as soon as the coffee was brewed.

It’s been a long time since I heard this phrase, and an even longer time since one of said debates with Uncle Len about the world’s topics.

Common “arguments” were about:



💡Margaret Thatcher

💡Money (this one was mostly tussling about who would pay)

💡The UAE’s new trains and transport plans

💡Opinions on the news from the daily papers (printed ones)

💡My latest shenanigans

You may be a teacher who knew #Grandad / Uncle Len too, so which subjects would he come and talk to you about at school?

Writing this also reminds me of the role he played in helping talk through important matters respectfully and with curiosity.

We all need #friends who push us to think and discuss meaningful topics.

I always find talking through challenging topics with people from a different generation - younger, older and everywhere in between - is a great learning experience in and of itself.

For me, it’s a positive thing.

It’s a well-being thing.

💬Do you have friends from different ages or generational groups? I’d love to know.

P.S. The English are known for talking about the weather a lot. I don’t even know if Uncle Len realised he did this, but whenever he wanted to divert a conversation for whatever reason, he really would start to cast a glance to check on the clouds and talk about the weather.


And on that note - happy Friday. Enjoy whatever weather you have, and here’s to a fun weekend ahead filled with good conversations. 🌿✨

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