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#DefuseBullying - Part 3: Nepotism

Updated: May 3, 2023

In the ‘Unacceptable Behaviours' section of the #KHDA's recently released #CodeofConduct, there sits a word:

It means #favouritism based on family or friendship ties.

1️⃣ 🏫 In a #school setting, a case of nepotism might be like this:

There is a prestigious monetary award up for grabs in a public competition for students. A teacher at the school is a judge in the competition and wants their son to win. They don't notify other students of the competition. They give their son inside information on how to complete the tasks correctly to win. There are very few applicants so the teacher chooses their son for the award and he receives all the money and ongoing benefits. Other children in the class who were capable of winning are expected to celebrate this "achievement". But in their hearts, they feel confused and disappointed that they didn’t have a chance to apply. The worst part is, they are afraid to show these feelings, because…fear of #bullying.

Pretty bitter, right?

It is a punch in the gut for anyone who isn’t the son of the teacher.

2️⃣ 💼 At work, it might be like this:

There is a prestigious new role in a company. The hiring manager wants their long time friend and colleague to get the job. He sets the role so that only internal staff can apply. He notifies his friend to apply, and then closes the posting once his application is in. He shares interview questions and tips with his friend informally. Most of the rest of the team are unaware interviews are being held, let alone that the job was open to apply for. One evening, an email is circulated congratulating his friend on getting the position. With this announcement comes an expectation on the team members to celebrate the ‘achievement’. Even though some of them may be confused and disappointed that they did not even have a chance to consider the opportunity. Even though they were not able to support anyone else in the team who may have wanted to apply. Indeed, even though there may have been an even more capable person of doing the role in question.

Another punch in the gut. 👊🏽😳

Unfair, unethical behaviour, repeated twice over.

One at school, one at work.

💥 What if I told you the child who “won" the award in the first story grew up to become the hiring manager in the second?

It is entirely possible.

#Schools can be a breeding ground for #bullying behaviours like this. Then it grows up, rooted into workplaces.

It is deeply unjust.

And it is horrible to experience.

📣 So, I want to ask for your help.

If you stand against this behaviour, will you stand with me?

Please join me in looking this beast in the eye. Smile with me. & say no to nepotism: Like & comment #NOpotism!✊

P.S.:💡🏫 Here's how one #school in the #uae combats #nepotism:

1️⃣: They do not allow student intakes of over 20% of any nationality.

2️⃣: Hiring managers aren't allowed to interview their friends.

Simple. 🙂

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