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#DefuseBullying - Part 1: Spotting & Documenting

Updated: Mar 19

[#Defusebullying Part 1️⃣] The #KHDA in #Dubai - #UAE, recently released a document to help combat many of the behaviours that fall under #bullying, called the #CodeofConduct.

Every single staff member in the school needed to sign this agreement.

From my perspective, I feel lucky to work for Cambridge University Press & Assessment, an inclusive, global company that has colleagues from all around the world, which also has in place several policies to ensure that bullying doesn't happen in the workplace.

No matter the location of an employee, it is a comfort to know that I work with a company that has measures in place to tackle cases of bullying if and when I see it happening.

For example, these include the following measures, but there are more:

✅ A compliance and ethics policy

✅ A compliance and ethics representative for each region

✅ The ability to raise an anonymous complaint with a designated HR team member for each region, who can escalate matters where necessary

One way we can also prevent bullying is by:

☝🏽Documenting evidence of consistent, repeated forms of bullying (this could be rude emails, voice notes, WhatsApp messages, noting names of those who witness repeated incidents of bullying etc.). This is important to document as redacted forms can be used as evidence to support where cases of bullying are escalated.

Does your #school also have policies in place, too? Are you vigilant about documenting cases of bullying?

Even if you are, and even if there is a great Code of Conducts in place, if we don’t talk about and analyse/label the precise behaviours that are bullying or toxic, not much can change on the ground.

Because it begins with us.

So it's time to call it out.

It's time.

That's why, in this working document, I begin to outline the many forms of bullying that #schools, #owners, #parents, #students and my own #observations throughout my career have presented.

The first three subtle bullying behaviours we discuss are:

1️⃣Overloading someone

2️⃣Repeatedly ignoring someone's messages

3️⃣Excluding someone by using a language they don't understand

It's a working draft in which we will label and analyse case study examples of subtle bullying, and provide ways to change or correct the behaviours, with a kind energy.

Note that many voices have already been part of this document - #teachers #parents #educationprofessionals, #schoolowners and #schoolleaders.

I will continue to listen and observe with you all while we flesh this list out. 🙏🏼


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