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“Don't cut what you can untie.” – Joseph Joubert

[#quotable💬] “Don't cut what you can untie.” – Joseph Joubert

💭…adding these examples in thanks to a question prompt in the comments:

➡️If you can take a student to the side for a minute and let them know about their poor behaviour and/or give a solution to correct it, do that (instead of booting them out of the class in first instance)

➡️If you can tell a colleague you’re confused about something they said or did in a meeting - ask them to explain it, and do that right away (instead of walking out and complaining to their line manager)

➡️If you can re-educate a staff member, be open to trying that (instead of a straight dismissal for poor behaviour)


Perhaps it is about attempting to fix what seems to be broken before throwing it out completely. Not an easy idea to swallow for a lot of situations. As with all quotes and snippets, I don’t think it’s applicable in all situations, but can be very wise to apply in others. To me this is about giving a runway to undo a knot before taking the difficult decision to end something - all the while bearing in mind a straight cut can sometimes be the healthiest thing to do. Especially if a situation has turned toxic or narcissistic.

Thank you Jackie Das! 🙏🏼

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