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Eid Celebrations

[#traditions + #happyeid] Here in the #UAE, Eid has been announced as starting tomorrow. It’s a three day thing (!). A bit like a #Pashtun wedding I went to recently (see photo).

School’s out for a few days, there’s a buzz in the air and a festive feel about things. And so this post is just to say - I wish you the happiest Eid if you’re celebrating, and if not, then the happiest weekend ahead.

Still reading? Here are some things I do on Eid:

1 - Eat during the day! A total treat by this point.

2 - Have henna/mehndi artwork done on my hands

3 - Dress extra nicely

4 - Meet and spend time with friends, family & loved ones

5 - WhatsApp Eid greetings (!). (Ah. storage space - I hope my phone survives)

6 - …rest! Catching up on sleep is a winner for this holiday.

7 - bonus for this year: finally eating my Easter egg. 😁

💬 #overtoyou: What do you do on Eid, if celebrating? Are you anything like me? Any fun traditions? If you’re not observing Eid and you have a few days of holiday around it, how do you enjoy the extra few days off around this celebration?

This was such a special month with so many traditions intertwined. So, I hope you all enjoy yourselves this coming weekend, no matter what.

 “The flame may be different, but the light is the same.” - Rumi 💛✨

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