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Embracing the Spirit of Eid al-Adha

[#wellbeing + #breaks + #eid #aladha] Happy eid :) The UAE is an Islamic country, and one of the perks of working there - whether you’re a muslim or not - is that public holidays are given for the significant observations and events in the Islamic year.

The only caveat is that because these traditions are based on the Islamic lunar calendar, the dates differ from year to year. So we only find out a few days beforehand which days will be off for a particular observance.

This year is one where #EidalAdha happens to fall during the workweek - and four whole days from Tues-Friday have been announced as public holidays. If you tag a weekend to that, it’s practically a whole week off! Many #teachers I know expressed a #woohoo moment last week! That’s a #wellbeing win IMO. 💃🏻🙌

Alongside that, there were so many jokes going around about record numbers of employees in the UAE suddenly booking Monday (yesterday) off - so as to avail a 9 day streak of off-days.🤣

So to everyone celebrating - I wish you a blessed Eid. And to those having a break (if the country you are in has furnished you with one) - enjoy!

💬💭#overtoyou: have you got any days off this week? If yes, which country are you in? How will you use the days? Would love to know. Enjoy!

✈️P.S.: For those following my #ontheroad updates: we have left Vancouver and I write this to you back in Toronto airport, waiting for the connecting flight back to Dubai. This is the second longest flight/journey I’ve ever taken 😬. Goodbye, Canada!🍁➡️✈️🇦🇪

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