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Empowering Education Across Borders: PBL in Indonesia

[When #CambridgeMENA & #CambridgeSouthEastAsia collaborate💛] I feel really #lucky to work at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, where incredible people are doing meaningful work all around the world. And it’s so amazing to me, when we are able to cross regions and event continents to #support each other.

It was a great privilege to be invited to virtually connect with teachers in #Indonesia today, and deliver a session where we dived into #ProjectBasedLearning (PBL) together.


We did so much!

1️⃣ We got to grips with #what #PBL is all about...(Do you know the difference between a task and project? The answer might surprise you! 😬)

2️⃣ We explored #why PBL is so important for teachers in Indonesia right now due to new curriculum guidance from the government

3️⃣ And we covered #practicaltips to help begin embedding PBL into lessons right away.

About point 3: for any #teachers who want a peek of what we covered, here are seven qualities of good projects, which are important to include when you’re thinking about doing projects with your #learners (or even your #colleagues, as we used in case study examples!):

✅Student Voice & Choice

✅A driving question



✅Adequate Time



To help with making sure our projects have all of these features, we also talked about how Cambridge University Press Education's super new #CambridgePrimaryandLowerSecondary #resources provide structure, guidance and cross-curricular opportunities for projects throughout the courses.

Phew! Aside from all the learning and valuable input shared from almost 700 (!) teachers, we had quite a party, complete with raffle, a vibrant chat box, and an overflowing Q&A section.

🙋🏻‍♀️💬If you have a question about #PBL that didn’t get answered, or you have a new one, I welcome you to share it in the comments here. Let’s discuss it!

This was so much fun - and I learned so much from all the generous, engaged teachers who shared valuable ideas all throughout.

Thank you! Terima kasih! Shukran!

P.S. It was clear I was with 700 very dedicated teachers today... I hope they all receive a nomination for the #DedicatedTeacherAwards! Spread the news - it’s currently open for submissions! Find out all the details here: 🙌🏼

📸 Photo 2: it was so lovely to open this session paying respect to #Indonesia by listening to the #Nationalanthem, which I had never heard before. 💛

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