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Exploring Canada

[#travel 🇨🇦🍁 + #learning] I’m approaching the #Rockies, folks! We are en route due south to Calgary.

I had a family reunion in Edmonton last week, and got to know some of my Canadian family (think: a village of cousins!) who I had never met before.

For those following along with these travels, here are a couple of perspectives I’ve had on Canada so far:

🍁Canada’s climate is really unpredictable - at least this month and the places I’ve been to so far. I knew it was cold, but I wasn’t prepared for the dramatic swings from coldness to warmth.

🍁The climate makes it tricky to pack for and to dress for while you’re here. I find packing difficult even for easy trips so this was just… 🤯 so far it has rained, been sunny, and we are expecting snow this week as we approach the mountains. 😬 I queried my cousins a lot about how they are currently alive given the long winters where they are mostly caved in with snow, and they assure me it’s possible to survive. I remain doubtful.

🍁There are lots of animals and so much nature here. Birds and moose and bears. There are even bridges for animals to cross! I’d never seen one of these before. Have you? In the video shared, my #UncleLew is explaining what it’s for and why we’re driving slowly. (And how the animals will slide down the other side of the bridge 😅🤣)

🍁Finally, everything feels big, vast, and there are lots of open, green spaces. It’s so rejuvenating.

That’s it for now! Have you ever visited Canada? Was any of this new for you too?

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