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Exploring Jordan and Must-See Spots

[#travel + a glimpse of #Jordan] Even though my trip to Jordan was brief, I was lucky to be taken on a whistle stop tour of a couple of hotspots there by a dear colleague whose approach to hospitality is only matched by a Pathan following #Pashtunwali (the code of honour Pashtuns live by - basically it means being a caring, proactive and protective host). I was whisked out between my training sessions & tending to my emails, and I was surprised how much I got to see. Read on to find out 3 things I loved, and 3 things I’d love to do next time:

1️⃣: “Rainbow street” - it’s such a great vibe. Parking was tricky but once you’re walking, it feels like you’re on an Indiana Jones type movie set. I loved seeing the shops selling traditional dresses, though they’re not worn so much in the day to day in Jordan. I thought they had many similarities to Afghan and Pashtun dresses. Photos towards the end of the batch I’ve shared.

2️⃣: There are so many handmade, local made gifts, clothing and jewellery. I really loved the little boutique stores there. They are special to me and I enjoyed how creative the jewellery was. I bought these beautiful coffee mug coasters - see first photo.

3️⃣: Habiba Kunafa: see the photo with the blue and white menu, and a piece of the kunafa pie being sliced. Apparently this is the place to go for the best kunafa. It has a permanent queue running outside it all day (and night) long. I admit, it felt like a massive queue for taxis to me until we got closer. It’s so famous, though. I’ve never seen a Kunafa place protected by a security guard! And I was told by some teachers that if I visited Jordan and did not eat Habiba Kunafa I might as well not have come. They almost tried to help order some to the hotel for me. Tip: there are different types (mainly soft / hard, I think the hard one has more ghee in it) - ask the locals for advice or buy both with a friend and share like I did to find out which you like better.

And here are three things I’d love to do next time:

➡️Visit Petra - there’s a famous marathon that takes place there, I’d love to see the location for myself.

➡️Eat Mansaf - it’s a firm favourite food. I didn’t get a chance to try some but I hope to next time.

➡️See the Roman Theatre - I was too late this time.

Have you ever been to Jordan? What were your favourite things? Anything I should be sure to do next time?

 I am excited to be visiting again soon hopefully, for the #CambridgeSchoolsConference in December. Will you be there? More info here:

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