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Facilitating with Fun: Adding Humour to Learning Experiences

[#teaching + #facilitation + #fun😁] I think facilitating can be a bit like standup comedy at times. And since #learners of all ages repeatedly say that the best learning experiences are the ‘fun’ ones, I feel it’s something that deserves attention.

So here is a tiny thing I do to help lighten the energy in a room up and when I need to move unwilling people around:

🤩 Firstly, I smile and get my own energy in check. Because times like this it is the facilitator's energy that is going to be the catalyst to change the dynamic in the room.

And instead of: "Please stand up and move to the edges of the room."

I do this - once everyone is standing up:

1️⃣: 🙋🏻‍♀️Raise your hand (wait for participants to do it - and do it too)

2️⃣: ⤵️👀Look at your seat (wait for participants to do it - and do it too)

3️⃣: 👋🏼Now say “Goodbye, Chair” with a wave (do it too)

At least a few laugh at the silly-ness of doing this, because it is unexpected and I do it right at the beginning of the session. And those who don’t laugh are usually smiling with a bit of a "d’oh - you got me!” expression.

I also do something similar where we do an unexpected power air high five. (Raise hands! Lean back! Altogether now… POW!).

In any event, it’s little opportunities to weave in humor and fun of different kinds to sessions that I enjoy so much about facilitating.

Every #teacher and #facilitator has their way, their style, and brings their personality to the task of facilitating a learning experience.

For me, I love laughing, laughter, being joyful and and good natured humour. It is a must in my life, and I really feel a day without laughter is missing something important. As a result, weaving in humour is a must for me.

I think it’s like a signature.

Do you know any of yours? 

💬 #overtoyou: Might you try this kind of thing in your sessions, or even with your #learners? Do you bring humour or fun into your sessions, and if so, what kind, and how? I'd love to know.

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