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Facilitation and Notes about Khobar

[#CambridgeMENA + #Khobar🇸🇦✨ + #Facilitation] Day 3 of 4! ✅ Today’s sessions in #Khobar, #SaudiArabia were such a great vibe! Teachers using Cambridge University Press Education's newest editions of #Math, #Science and #English #resources joined. And may I say the actual red carpet treatment today was fabulous, right Ahmed? The school had lined the room with beautiful carpets! So I don’t know if it was the effects of said red carpet, but we had such fun taking photos after the sessions…😬

Two main things in this post:

1: Some notes about Khobar, and

2: A reflection on facilitation and acoustics


1️⃣ Details I #learned about Khobar:

🇸🇦 It is possible to drive from Khobar to #Bahrain in about an hour. Mostly locals can drive through to this neighbouring country without even getting out of their car - their passports will be stamped inside. 🚘 

🇸🇦 Khobar is in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia (thank you Ahmed Shalabi Abdelghaffar for the insight!). I understand it is quite a wealthy part of the country as oil was discovered in these areas.

🇸🇦 Khobar is so close to the sea and water. I can see the water from my hotel room. I really like places like this. 💦

2️⃣ A note on #facilitation and #acoustics: In this venue, the floors in our training hall were covered in carpets, as you can see in the photos. It somehow felt comfortable yet luxurious but I noticed it also made the acoustics different in the room. All these details affect the way a session runs and flows, in my view. I noticed how my comfort moving around the different spaces I’ve been in this week affect tiny things about how I deliver and guide the session. Facilitation is so fascinating.

Have you ever felt this about your classroom environment when you teach? I remember teaching in one classroom where the acoustics would give me a headache. If I ever had to teach there again I'd take all these red carpets with me and cover the floor in them!

That's a wrap for our #NetworkandLearn events across Saudi this week. Thanks to every #teacher who made it over to join! And to Ahmed Shalabi Abdelghaffar for his support to us all, to everyone joining and his attention to detail all throughout. 🙏🏼

📣P.S. There are about 24hours or so left to nominate a a teacher for the Cambridge #DedicatedTeacherAwards! Here's the link to find out more - there is still time!🔗

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