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Facilitation and Teaching Activity Idea

[#facilitation / #teaching activity idea] Rounding off my trip to #Qatar earlier this week by sharing a key activity I have been wanting to try for a looooooong time.

I first learned this in a training I joined in Oman that sparked my career in facilitation years ago. This was a full circle moment, because I experienced it as a participant back then, and delivered it as a trainer this week. Here’s what I did:

1: Split the group into two, and have everyone sitting in pairs opposite each other - ideally in a galley table setup. See last photo for example.

2: Give each pair a piece of content to investigate together. Example: I gave a teaching strategy or idea for Science from the Cambridge University Press & Assessment science resources. You can replace this with target content - a good one for students are key topics from the syllabus they need to revise. Have one piece of content for each pair.

3: Give 2-3 mins for each pair to review the activity. Each person has a sheet of their own with a table on it, and writes down a benefit of the activity they’ve reviewed.

Ideally there are 6-7 or so different ideas for pairs to explore. You can either keep the pairs the same all throughout, or ask everyone to move a seat down each time. Whichever you choose, you keep rotating until everyone has examined every piece of content and got their ideas written down on their sheets.

When I first experienced this activity, the trainer even put a relaxing burning log fire on YouTube, and shared that once the fire died down the activity would end. What a nice alternative to a simple timer activity! It was such a good vibe.

I think you can use this template of an activity idea in so many ways, for learners, for colleagues, for adults, for all kinds of content or purposes. Even in corporate contexts, for meetings and brainstorming.

Have you tried something like this? It’s a great one for making a truly student centred and collaborative activity.

Warning: if you set it up right, you’ll feel almost guilty that you are the only one in the room not beavering away at something! Like me - it meant I could take that last photo from an artsy angle while everyone worked.


Here’s sending such a special thanks to the teachers and team at Edison International Academy, Aspire in Qatar for hosting these training days. It was great to meet and work with you all. Sending a special thanks to the SLT at the school, Ms Manori, my colleague Moemen Eissa, and all the teachers like Fathima Imara who joined from various schools who are using Cambridge University Press & Assessment #resources this year: Third Assalam School, Spectra Global School, to name just a couple.

P.S. Still reading? The #GulfTrotting activities continue, folks: I'm #ontheroad to Bahrain today. If you're a teacher there - I am so excited to reconnect with you at some of the sessions happening this weekend. 🙌

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