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Facilitation Reflections

[#facilitation + #learningoutloud] One of my first non-teaching roles was with Oxford University Press, and the first country I was responsible for supporting teachers in was the beautiful #Oman. That was back in 2013, and ten years later, now through my work with Cambridge University Press & Assessment, I feel really grateful that some of the teachers I met back in then still keep in touch, and still show up to share and learn together. 💛

Today, we had two online webinars to discuss how to maximise the use of their Cambridge University Press Education #Math and #Science #resources. Thanks to the whole group of #teachers who joined in so readily. #grateful. 🙏🏼🌱✨

If you’re reading along, you may know I often share some snippets about the content I deliver in a session, but today I want to share the #reflective feedback I gave myself on how the sessions went. I explain why in the P.S.

Here are my '#glows' and '#grows':


👏The breakout rooms, which I typically don’t like to use, actually worked - at least for some groups, at least a bit! 

👏The slides I adapted for single word answers were good 

👏Timing was on point for whole session - woohoo! 

👏Got participants to use annotation properly for the first time ever in an online workshop - lots joined in! Woohoo! 

👏Cleared the annotations swiftly, no tech hiccups

👏Received meaningful, prompt feedback and interactions all throughout from the amazing #teachers who joined

👏Some teachers chose to join on video, audio - despite ongoing recording and despite large group (I usually don’t see anyone, and this was really nice. Yay.)


🌱Breakout rooms could have been much better still - better managed, better instructions e.g. next time give teams link to a shared document, with instructions, instead of asking individuals to take a snapshot of the instructions 

🌱The section on some of the learning habits could have been better structured, less text on slides, more deep thinking reflective questions, and a HOT activity exploring best practice and practical ways to inculcate the habits more

🌱Annotation only done by some participants - albeit enthusiastically! - some didn't do, possibly due to individual device/other limitations/reasons. How to make it so all teachers had a chance? Maybe shift it to a linked activity using Wordwall etc? Circle back to this for next time.

Post-session, it took me about 5-10 minutes to think through and jot this down. A hard 10 minutes, but #worthit.

#overtoyou: Do you ever reflect on your work, without having been observed? Do you make tweaks and changes? I aways find this part of teaching very draining, but so valuable.

P.S. Thanks Alex Gray for a recent article and general philosophy on learning that has encouraged me to reignite a #reflectivepractice - it’s one of the reasons behind this post. 🙏🏼

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