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Fire Drills to Coffee Shop Collaborations

[#CambridgeMENA + #Dubai + #firedrills] What happens when a test fire alarm goes off in a high rise building in Dubai… one that happens to house the #CambridgeMENA team!?

We just #keepcalm, walk down 20+ flights of stairs, find a new spot and #carryon working. 🤓

All this took place the week before, when the newest member of #CambridgeMENA was in town with us, Tabinda Mazhar! 💛 So we ended up having a meeting using a shared laptop at a coffee place near the office.

3 things I loved about this:

🌱The change of view was quite refreshing.

😄It was fun to huddle round a laptop for a meeting like this for a total change of experience

🤝It was a bit like sitting round a fire - and I feel lucky to be able to do that with my lovely colleagues Tabinda and Brock. 🙏🏼👌🌿☺️

At school, I used to mostly love fire drills or any reason to get outside. My feelings about this were dramatically different as a teacher herding students around and having lessons interrupted, though.

How about you?

💬Have you ever had to join a meeting from an unusual location or setup? Why and what happened in the run up to it?

📸: Photo shows a rare snap of said huddle plus a sneak peek into us planning lots of #PD goodness coming up this year. #Teachers and #trainers  of #MENA - are you ready?! 🙂

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