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Geordie Accent: Fun Tips from Newcastle

[#teachingandlearning #english #accents] How to sound like you’re from Newcastle:

When I started teaching English I developed a deep respect for everyone who learns this language. It can be so complicated! Especially when it comes to accents.

This week, I’m in Canada with family. My Aunty Sue, in the video, is from the North - #Newcastle specifically, and she has been teaching me some of the lingo as we go along on this journey.

I’ve found this both fun and educational, so here are a couple of learnings for anyone else who is also interested in knowing how to sound more ‘Geordie’ when you speak English:

✨Add “man” on the end of some sentences for added Geordie effect

✨Understand that “pet” means “dear”

✨’Nowt’ means nothing

✨But my favourite so far is the one from this video -

Why aye man!

Which of course means:

Of course!


#overtoyou: Have you heard of any of these phrases in the Geordie accent? If you learn or teach English, how did you manage with learning or teaching different accents?

P.S. who can spot Margi Kulsoom Orchard in the back? 👀

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