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Glow philosophy: 'When you are glowing you can see where you're going'

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

No, this article isn’t about a face cream you can buy in the supermarket.

There's a story here.

It's a story of how December was an incredible, miraculous month for me, and the many things that came to fruition. I realise only now that they have been on the way for a long, long time.

A dear friend's grandson has been learning for weeks and weeks how to ride a bike.

There would be no progress at all, in fact, she said it often got worse!

And worse, and worse...


One day, a day that was no different to the day before, something changed. It was as if he'd known how to do it all along. He just took off, without the support wheels, and he started flying around on his bike.


She told me this story because of how what happened to me in December reminded her of her grandson.

It was a new beginning, but one that felt like it had been there all along, waiting to come to fruition while I worked on different areas.

And from that month, a whole philosophy flowed out of me last month. It is captured in this one sentence:

When you are glowing, you can see where you're going.

Again, it's not about face-cream.

I increasingly believe when a woman is glowing, she not only can see more clearly where she's going, but she illuminates the way for everyone around her.

It is just very difficult for a woman to truly glow when there's so much she's up against most of the time.

But how does she get this glow?

Here’s what I believe is at the very heart of being able to glow: a woman needs these three areas in order to get her glow...

1. Values:

She must have profound clarity of what her authentic values are.

Specifically, she must know them well and actively be exploring taking actions in alignment with them, without shame or fear for holding those values dear.

2. Money:

1. She must have her personal finances in order.

Meaning 3 things specifically - a safe fund, stable revenue, and no debt. All the better if the revenue comes from a source that honours and respects her values.

3. Rest (also known as the cherry bake-well):

She must know how to rest and recharge. And actually do it.

This is harder than it sounds for most of the women around me.

But I believe a woman must do this in her own, unique way. And she must be taking this quality rest, regularly. It must be scheduled, and she must really do it.

I have seen to believe that when these three things are in order, many other areas of life, including health, family, children, relationships, and the home in general all start to improve.

Once they’re at abundant levels, things start to shift for the better.

She has a sense of purpose in her work = she even gets mundane activities done with spirit.

She has a spring in her step when she walks = people start valuing, and getting inspired by what she is saying and doing.

She nurtures her children better = the children are happier.

She's great company to be with = the people around her feel good.

She is alert, and on the ball = she identifies problems in advance and takes action to prevent them = a once turbulent home life settles down.

She tells her loved ones what she needs = they love her better, she feels cared for = there are less arguments = more peace.

One by one, the domino effect takes place.

She feels good, and she makes others feel good without even realising it.

She glows.

But what it takes to actually achieve abundance in those three areas are varied and nuanced. They can take years to fulfil. Some women will go through their lives and never really let herself even think about the third one at all.

Money, values, and rest.

They are inter-connected & mutually dependent.

For example:

She cannot rest without having the money to buy herself time, leisurely activities, or even just space to take a break.

Yet she also can't really be smart and sharp with her money matters if she doesn't have time to truly rest and take a good look at organising them.

Similarly, she cannot rest fully, if she's desperately worried about money. It is especially difficult for her to glow if her finances are dependent on doing work that doesn't truly align with her authentic values.

And if she never gets to know her values and do things to honour them, she has no way to justify taking time out to relax and take a breath!

They're all connected.

I had no idea there was so much underpinning a simple idea of 'glowing', but there it is.

In the planning retreat, the programme helped each woman identify their own unique steps they need to take to bring these areas up to healthy, abundant levels.

When she glows, she knows where to go.

In this spirit, the future articles I post are going to be centred around the many varied areas connected to genuinely glowing.

I hope all the women around me near and far can get these areas at really healthy levels. Because when those are good, things get really, really good for her - and everyone around her too.

There’s a diverse range of topics connected to this. Each part of the glow takes conscious work and planning.

And if you’ve read this far, you might want to receive these articles as I create them. You join the new email list if you like here:

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