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Happy UAE National Day 🇦🇪

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Even though I live in the #UAE and it is home to the most famous malls in the world, I am sooner to be found in the desert. 💛

In celebration of UAE National Day, I share here a link to a video I watched a long time ago, which I was reminded of when it was forwarded to me again by my colleague Raéd Omar B. 🇦🇪

I love these old black and white shots - capturing the essence of why I love learning about this part of the UAE’s history. And come on - how cool is this vibe and that car driving along in the dunes? 😎

If you're even more curious, in honour of UAE national day, I share reflections on 6 values I have come to personally appreciate so much about my Emirati students and friends since living here.

I came for the desert, I stay for my loved ones - and of course, for Cambridge University Press Education 💛🏫

P.S. Here are some glimpses into some related moments I’ve had in the UAE. Caption for the first photo: this is how it feels to look forward to 2 extra days off in celebration of UAE national day. What a blessing.

You know where I’ll be - desert season has arrived. 💛

Happy UAE National Day 🇦🇪

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