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Create space for fitness in your daily life (by starting with your wardrobe). [Productive Style]

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The Quote

Sacred spaces can be created in any environment.

- Christy Turlington

The Analogy

I once knew someone who was serious about fitness - she was a personal trainer, a fitness coach, and into crossfit.

She told me that when she opens her workout wardrobe, she feels powerful just looking at the clothes laid out there.

She arranges them the way they might be displayed in a fitness-wear shop. Some are hung up, others are folded neatly, as if they were on display. In her own home!

She said: when she wears these clothes, she feels like she's getting into the role of some kind of warrior, and feels inspired to get working out.

You may not be a personal trainer, but this lady had the right idea about setting aside a special place and way for her beloved workout gear.

The way she had carefully set out her workout clothes was an accurate reflection of how important fitness was to her.

It held a priority space in her life.

The Premise

We've discussed how regular clothes can make a difference in the way you feel in your day to day, and can even make you more productive.

I believe the right workout clothes, given the right space in your wardrobe, might even contribute to making you more fit.

A steady dose of daily exercise is a vital part of life, and maintaining one's fitness levels.

And because a decent level of fitness requires daily activity, making sure your wardrobe has the clothes to support you with that is vital.

The clothes I use for workouts work harder to have my back than any of my other clothes.

For that reason, I choose them carefully, I give them a special space, and I am happy to invest in high quality pieces.

I have a lot of respect for my workout clothes - they are put through hours of endurance and sweating in all kinds of situations. It must be pretty hard to be a pair of leggings.

Having a good set of workout clothes to support you in your quest for fitness is a vital part of your wardrobe.

If we create space in our wardrobes for this, it may make it easier for us to create space for it in our day-to-day too.

Next I share some general ideas about workout wear that I've formed over the years.

3 General Tips for Nurturing your Workout Wear

Setting a space just for workout clothes

There is a whole area of one side of my wardrobe that is only for workout clothes.

I think by giving it that space it reflects that it is a core part of my life.

The fact it’s laid out means it is easy and smooth when I want to do a workout. And it means it's not this hidden, forgotten thing.

It's a part of my day-to-day and deserves that space.

Start with whatever you can, but slowly investing in good quality pieces

Like other clothes, good quality workout clothes last longer, and are often more expensive.

At the beginning of incorporating exercise into my life, I didn't own a pair of running shoes, let alone workout clothes.

I started with anything I could find.

I think it's often better to go cheap at first, to get the ball rolling and figure out what cuts and shapes feel best.

Later, you can invest in pieces that you will come back to time and time again. Those pieces are the ones in it for the long daily movement journey with you.

I have enjoyed slowly replacing the lesser quality items with higher quality ones. The oldest pair of leggings I have were gifted to me 6 years ago and I would use them daily if they didn't need washing so often.

Apply similar filters as the ones you defined earlier on

If you want to love your workout gear, apply the same approach to help select the right ones for you using the filters you defined earlier on in this series: your colour palette, your style, and your values.


If your fitness wear is kept far away and out of sight in the bottom drawer, or in a little pile in a corner, it can sometimes be a reflection of how you feel about fitness in general.

Since in this series we are in the midst of auditing our clothes, it's a great time to audit how our fitness clothes are faring.

  • A steady dose of movement and formal exercise is a vital part of daily life, and helps maintain good health and wellness.

  • Since exercise in its most effective dose is a daily commitment, if you don't have any fitness wear to support that, it's going to prevent this good habit from taking root.

  • Improving your health and wellness can begin by investing in some good quality workout wear that you feel comfortable in and love wearing. Some of my favourite tips are shared above.

  • By giving workout wear a special space in your wardrobe, it is also a good way to create space in your day for this vital habit.

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