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“How we leave things says a lot about ourselves.” – Mark Groves

[#quotable💬] “How we leave things says a lot about ourselves.” – Mark Groves

Do you know any philanthropists? I do.

I know a lady who gives and gives. She is incredibly kind and generous. She often gives her (beautiful and good quality) clothes to a charitable cause, for families to use.

She doesn’t stuff them in a bag and drop them in a clothes bin.

She washes each one. She irons them if needed. She folds them. She makes sure they smell beautiful. She packs them in boxes and bags. And only then does she hand them over to a lady she knows personally, to give to families in need, delivered by hand.

From this, you probably have a sense of her thoughtful, considerate, and caring character. (She is all of those things and more.)

Even to those who have never met her…

It’s the way she leaves her things…

It speaks volumes about her.

…which prompts me to consider: how do I leave my things? My desk? My meetings? My office? My home? Am I saying goodbye and leaving things pleasantly? What does it say (or not say) about me?💡🌱✨

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