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Insights from Horses for Educators

[#teaching & #energy] I’ve heard that #horses can hear your heartbeat from a foot or so away.

And that when they’re in a herd, their heartbeats synchronise.

If one horse’s heartbeat changes for some reason, they’ll all sense there is something up.

I think it’s similar for #teachers, #facilitators and #leaders.

Your #students or team can often tell how you’re doing before you speak.

Even if they don’t say it.

They feel it.

I think it’s why leadership of any kind is hard.

I remember leading a session for a group of Year 1s (read: 5-6 year olds). I wasn’t feeling positive that day. And one of them came up to hug me. I hadn't said anything. We hadn’t even started the activity. They just knew something was up.

Energy regulation is one of the most underestimated parts of productivity, learning and life.

So to all the teachers + professionals facing any kind of energy dis-regulation this week - breathe.

Whatever it takes to regulate your energy, I hope you have the time and space to do that - maybe over the weekend.

Wishing you a restful one. ✨

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