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Inspiring Change through the Power of Giving

[#quoteoftheday💬] “Whatever we want from others, we must have the courage to offer it first.” ― August Turak

💭#Thinkwithme: Almost every time I encounter a dark day in my life, something I do is to remind myself of the ‘giving' principle.

I have always found that when I am not receiving what I am seeking, it’s time to ask myself some hard questions.

For example, when I am met with a rude, ignorant, or insulting interaction, or even, if I am met with a liar, I question what is going on: How did I end up here? What led to this moment of being insulted? Why am I feeling this way?

It is important to shift gears to focus on what you want more of.

For me, that is:

More kindness, more support, more fairness, more truth, more love, more positive energy, and more than anything, more brave voices speaking the truth. More people pro-actively safeguarding self-respect, regardless of nationality or rank.

Safe-guarding dignity.

Safe-guarding an inclusive community.

From personal experience, it was only when I showed up, spoke up, and offered positivity and care to those around me, without expectation of anything in return, that I received it back ten-fold.

Kindness, bravery, love and care all burst into my life like a gushing waterfall.

👩🏻‍🏫 So, #teachers, let’s do this for our #learners. If they aren’t responding well to us, how can we reconsider what we’re giving them? What are they receiving from you? It’s easy to lose patience. But if you can figure it out, and give it to them, you might just receive it back.

P.S. #Jumamubarak! Happy Friday to one and all. 🌱

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