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International English Skills for Cambridge IGCSE Master Class

[#facilitationtip - read the P.S.🙋🏻‍♀️] Such a pleasure to finally meet Jonathan Hadley in today’s #PreparingtoTeach Success International English Skills for Cambridge IGCSE master class. He shared lots of practical advice on teaching with this fantastic resource.🤓🧰

Mid-way through the session, Ahmed Abou El Makarem, a teacher in #SaudiArabia who has been teaching with this resource for a couple of academic terms, shared what he loves about Cambridge University Press Education's ‘#IGCSESuccess’:

✨💬 'It's good how students can learn from a range of resources - audio, video, discussion, and that they need to work in groups to do some exercises - they *have* to debate. The questions all throughout are exam style questions so they’re always being prepared for the IGCSE, as long as they're using this book.' 👏🏼🕺🏽

In the rest of the session, Jonathan covered mindset changes, how to embed active learning in the classroom with the resources, and so much more.

Many thanks also to the lovely teachers who dialled in from #Namibia and contributed throughout - Heidi Spinas and Melanie, to name just a couple (drop a note in the comments and I'll tag). Good luck with the next step of delivering your own in-school workshops. 💪 Thanks to Roxanna Everson for always keeping things calm and collected (see the P.S.).

P.S. I thought I knew Zoom quite well. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Apparently not!

Just a tiny (huge?) #Zoom tip I learned in today’s session: sounds simple but if delivering in Zoom's webinar format, be sure to click ’start webinar’ or you won’t be able to see participants who are ready to join - it will appear as if just you and the panellists are on the call. I didn’t know this about Zoom webinars… and I may or may not have lost us some time figuring this out! 😬

But sharing this because I always find that knowing the little intricacies about working with different platforms can be the difference between digitally tripping up - or not.

Onward! 🍌

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