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“It's ok to rest.”

[#quoteoftheday💬] "It's ok to rest."

💭 This one is for you: the one going the extra mile in every way to serve your learners, customers, parents, family, friends, community.

For me, it took a very long time to be ‘ok’ with switching off, and making the space and time to recharge. Time to do “nothing” seemed like madness.

But it really is ok to rest. In fact, it’s necessary. It’s vital.

So have a good Sunday - and a good rest for those in the UK, who have a bank holiday tomorrow.

Enjoy. 🌱✨


A single negative thing can ruin one’s day. In the same way, I often find a single positive thought can change it for the better.

In this spirit, I make and share a daily #quotable for you to use, keep or simply ponder on.

All images are copyright free and I have credited wherever possible.

Enjoy. ✨

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