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Just when you thought you learned all the ways to say 'I can' in Chinese...

I have had a few requests for comic style sketches from students, along with some discussions on what's fun and helpful when getting started with learning Chinese. Easy to read comics and Instagram memes came up a lot, so I tried one out.

These comics will probably only make sense to those of you who do Chinese, but they might still be fun to look at. :) I can't believe it took as long to create this one sketch as writing a full article. But I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to spend the next couple of posts creating some more comics like this.

So, especially if you are a student or teacher of Chinese, I'd love to know:

- if it made you laugh

- if you could read it (was the level ok?)

- if you want anything else explained or added?

Here it is:

Just when you thought you already learned how to say "I can..." in Chinese... along comes '能'


In the doodle, the student (let's call him Nasser), is holding two characters that both mean 'Can'.

Nasser says: "Teacher, I only have two hands! Please don't add another character!"

Dina Laoshi says: "No worries, I'll just write it here then!" *And she writes the extra character with the same meaning on Nasser's T-shirt*.

Moral of the sketch: there is no escaping the '能'.

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