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Key Takeaways from an Uplifting Video

[#positivity done well✨] I enjoyed this video - it’s simple, practical, memorable + actionable. And with humour to boot. So good!

I find sometimes being told to “be positive” can be unhelpful because it is vague and not actionable. Positivity can even sometimes be quite toxic and result in even more negativity.

I loved how practical and uplifting this little video was. And how it showed that being positive often comes down to focusing on gratitude and finding solutions with a good attitude. Instead of spinning a pair of wheels carrying a negativity bias.

Key takeaways:

✅☀️Instead of ‘unfortunately’, say - ‘you’re in luck’ - and go to a solution right away.

✅☀️Instead of ‘almost’ - just say what the definite status is. People and learners of all ages everywhere hate uncertainty.

✅☀️Instead of answering ‘how are you’ with ‘not bad’, or ‘surviving’ - look on the bright side, be grateful for all you have and say - ‘not just well, but very well!’.

✅☀️Instead of ‘no, it’s not possible’ - answer, ‘could you tell me more, so i can suggest other possibilities’.

Thank you Michael R. Virardi! 🙏🏼


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