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LinkedIn Insights: Looking Beyond Numbers to Measure Success

[#learnings about #metrics on #LinkedIn] Back in November ‘22 I think I had around 700 followers on LinkedIn. When I did my monthly check in last week, I noticed we’ve almost reached 2000, and it turns out almost all of you are fellow teachers and facilitators. (Well hello there, new friends). 🙋🏻‍♀️

Even though you might think this post is about celebrating follower growth, here’s why I kind of cringe at the thought and don’t think followers are a reliable metric on LinkedIn:

Follower counts are deceptive.

Sometimes, I suspect they’re even superficial.

In this LinkedIn learning period I’ve seen accounts and organisations on this platform that have 5k, 10k, even 20k followers… but any posts have barely any comments or reactions. I’ve seen someone with 1 million followers on another platform. 1 million! But hardly a handful of comments.

So here’s what I make of that:

1️⃣: Comments + Reactions

To me, the no. of followers is not an end-all success indicator.

I seek out the kind of reactions and high quality comments in response to ideas and thoughts as a (somewhat) more reliable metric.

Yes, somewhat.

2️⃣: Private Discussions & impressions

…Because, having said that, even reactions and comments are not the most telling metric for me.

Instead, it’s those quiet posts, the ones you think nobody noticed (because: #noreactions). Or it’s any of the posts that result in profound private messages and one to one discussions…

Those ones sometimes have very high impression counts. So counterintuitive, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️

3️⃣: Soul-friends

And sometimes, it’s the posts where you even make a new soul-friend. A soul-friend is a very special person. Someone who you have an alignment of values with. Someone you just feel positive, safe, good and happy to be around. You don’t meet them very often, but since I started this LinkedIn shindig there’s more and more of them. Woohoo! So how do you track that as a metric?

4️⃣: “You helped.”

Finally, the very very very best metric for me is where I meet or connect with a teacher, colleague or friend and they share that something I put out helped in a specific way. This is my ultimate success metric.

 It uplifts me.

Propels me on.

And it is what I show up on LinkedIn for:

To share ideas that are useful, thoughtful and uplifting for fellow teachers and facilitators.

And with that renewed intention, I’ll carry on.

Welcome on board to those who have just joined. I’m thrilled your here. 🙋🏻‍♀️✨

#overtoyou: what kind of content do you share? Do you use LinkedIn as a learning tool, a sharing tool, or both? How do you see #metrics, especially followers?

📸 Hi! That’s me (well, my hands) at my #standingdesk.

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