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Magic in the Classroom: The Power of Teaching

[#teaching + #facilitation] I think when you’ve crafted a great learning experience, you’re being a magical teacher. Why magical? Because:

✨In what other profession can you transport people to another place without moving them at all?

✨In what other profession can you turn invisible?

✨In what other profession can you make people forget the world around them?

✨In what other profession can you stop time (or decide and adjust the length of a minute)?

Teachers and facilitators do all of this (and more) routinely.

If that’s not #magical, I don’t know what is. :)

A huge thank you to the lovely team of teachers at His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistan School Dubai, for coordinating this session. Such fun with you exploring how to maximise the use of your Cambridge University Press Education #resources. The enthusiasm was infectious all the way throughout - and those were some of the most beautiful + handsome bumble bees and air high fives I’ve seen. #IFYKYK!

📸 Photos: Does it look like we were having a science lesson? We were in a large science lab to help accommodate all 70 teachers who joined. I suppose you could call it a science lesson - perhaps titled: ‘Dissecting Differentiation’? 😄

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