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May's Journey: Reboot and Rise

[#positivity + #productivity] Sometimes you don’t need to start something new, you just need to reboot something you loved but left behind.

And since it's a new month, here are some things I've started rebooting, after the unique pace of Eid/Ramadan in the #MENA region:

✅Back to running + movement

✅Back to reading non-fiction novels

✅Back to getting outdoors

✅Back to reviving sports and activities long since left behind

✅Back to more in person training sessions for #teachers using our #resources in #CambridgeMENA, with a spotlight on #CambridgeReadingAdventures - one of my faves.🙌📚

Whatever it is you’ve been meaning to do - May this be the month you begin it. May you have a good one. And most importantly, May it be fun! (Did I overdo that pun?).

No really. Come what May, enjoy the month ahead.

(I just couldn’t resist. #punfan.)

What are you rebooting or starting up this month in your #school#classes#lessons#life?

Whatever it is, let’s Mayke the most out of this month. 🤣🙈🙊💪✨

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